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  • Teaching as a Profession (TAP) Pre-apprenticeship Program November 2023 - Nashville, TN— To continue the celebration of National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), the Tennessee Department of Education announced a new Teaching as a Profession (TAP) state-certified pre-apprenticeship pilot program to provide high school students with hands on teaching experience in their local communities. Currently, over 5,200 students are enrolled in the TAP apprenticeship program and enrollment numbers… Read the Latest News

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  • How Teacher Apprenticeship is Changing Teacher Preparation October 2023 - "By October 2023, teacher apprenticeship programs had been formally registered in 26 states plus Puerto Rico and were under development in five states plus the District of Columbia."... Five take-aways in this article from Amaya Garcia at New America. Apprenticeship Gives School Districts a Bigger Role in Teacher Preparation Apprenticeship Puts Paid Clinical Preparation Front… Read the Latest News