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News: GYO Center

  • Webinar Series: 7 Strategies for EPPs March 2024 - Join the TN Grow Your Own Center to learn about 7 strategies for strong teacher apprenticeships and Grow Your Own programs. This 4 part series will feature school district leaders and invited guest experts. In each webinar, invited guests and practitioners will illustrate the connections between a pedagogical model (competency-based education) and an operational model… Read the Latest News

News: External

  • Are Teacher Apprenticeship and Residency Programs Effective? February 2024 - Valerie Sakimura from Deans for Impact addresses this question with a thoughtful response in an article published at The 74. Austin Peay State University's Grow Your Own program is one of the programs highlighted. This common question about effectiveness is the wrong question. All programs illicit some degree of effectiveness for someone, in one context… Read the Latest News