School districts are encouraged to view the LEA recruitment process video tutorial above, explore the steps below or use this printable guide to learn more about how to recruit teacher apprentices into the Tennessee Grow Your Own program.

Step 1

Share the Grow Your Own Aspiring Apprentice Profile throughout the district.

Screenshot of the Aspiring Apprentice Profile Webpage
Some ideas include:

  • Share broadly through monthly communications
  • Targeted outreach to classified staff
  • Building level principal outreach
  • TAP teachers outreach to TAP 3 and 4 students
  • Use a provided sample email template intended to send to district staff.


Step 2

Aspiring apprentices will receive an automated email after completing the aspiring apprentice profile.


Step 3

The district’s Grow Your Own point of contact (POC) can access their district’s list of interested aspiring apprentices as needed. If your district’s POC has changed, please contact to receive access. A 1 minute video tutorial provides guidance on viewing your district’s interested candidates.

Note: If no one is listed when you view your link, the Tennessee Grow Your Own Center has not received an AA Profile from anyone that has indicated they work in your district. Please direct interested staff to complete step 1 above.


Step 4

Organize and invite all interested candidates to a Grow Your Own interest meeting, possibly breaking into groups based on credit hours completed.

This is a great time to invite your community college and/or EPP partners. Director of Schools, CTE, HR, Marketing, Instructional Supervisors and TAP teachers should also attend.



Step 5

District builds a consistent selection process for selecting GYO candidates, considering the district’s needs assessment.

Suggestions for a consistent selection process include:

  • Request letter of intent from candidate
  • Consider work history
  • Consider principal recommendation
  • Conduct interviews, considering candidates’ ability to complete college coursework (including time constraints) and dedication to becoming a teacher
  • Establish a selection committee comprising district administrators, teachers, HR, and other stakeholders.


Step 6

Selected aspiring apprentices will follow remaining steps in the Aspiring Apprentice checklist starting with Step 2 to enroll in partnering EPP. Make sure aspiring apprentices have completed all actions in Step 1 of checklist.