Registered Teacher Apprentice

A Grow Your Own (GYO) registered teacher apprentice is a learner who works in a paid role under the direction of a highly qualified mentor teacher for at least a year before becoming responsible for their own classroom. Registered teacher apprentices pursue licensure at one of the GYO partnering EPPs. Candidates demonstrate all of the same coursework competencies as learners prepared through traditional pathways.

Aspiring Apprentice Profile

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What to expect next?

  • You will receive an automated email outlining more information and next steps. Review all of this information carefully.
  • The school district leader where you are employed will receive notification of your interest.
  • Use this Aspiring Apprentice Checklist with your school district GYO contact person

Requirements to Become a Registered Teacher Apprentice?

  • Employment with a partnering school district

  • US Citizenship or permanent residency

  • Not currently a licensed or permitted classroom teacher

Meet Some Apprentices

Julia Norris is a Special Education Interventionist 6-12 registered teacher apprentice at Oakdale School in Oakdale (Morgan County School district). She is earning her certification through the University of Tennessee Knoxville and expects to complete her program in August 2024.