Registered Teacher Apprentice

A registered teacher apprentice is a professional who works in a classroom setting under the direction of a highly qualified mentor teacher. Registered teacher apprentices earn a living wage while working toward a degree and licensure at one of our partner EPPs.

Aspiring Apprentice Profile

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What to expect next?

  • You will receive an automated email outlining more information and next steps. Review all of this information carefully.
  • As employment at a partner school district is essential for participation, please contact the listed Grow Your Own representative for your current or desired district.
  • Finally, if your district sponsors you as an apprentice, you must apply for acceptance into the educator preparation program at the university partnered with your district.

Requirements to Become a Registered Teacher Apprentice?

  • Employment with a partnering school district

  • US Citizenship or permanent residency

  • Not currently a licensed or permitted classroom teacher

Components of a Registered Apprenticeship

  1. Employer Involvement

    Employers (districts) are the foundation of every registered Apprenticeship program.

  1. Structured On-The-Job-Training 

    Apprentices receive job-embedded training from an experienced mentor teacher.

  1. Related Instruction 

    Apprenticeships combine on-the-job learning with focused coursework through EPPs.

  1. Compensation for Skill Gains 

    Apprentices receive wage increases as they gain higher level skills.

  1. National Occupational Credential 

    Programs lead to a nationally-recognized credential, signifying to employers that apprentices are well-qualified.

Meet Some Apprentices

Julia Norris is a Special Education Interventionist 6-12 registered teacher apprentice at Oakdale School in Oakdale (Morgan County School district). She is earning her certification through the University of Tennessee Knoxville and expects to complete her program in August 2024.