For school district partners (Local Educational Agencies: LEAs), the TN GYO Center provides free technical assistance to launch or scale an educator workforce development strategy. Examples include:

  • Register an educator apprenticeship program (Pre-apprentice, K-12 Teacher, K-12 Principal, etc.).
  • Develop GYO program documentation and processes.
  • Perform data collection and needs assessments.
  • Launch an educator recruitment process.
  • Connect with Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs), other related instruction providers, and Local Workforce Development Boards.
  • Design innovative ways to solve district workforce pipeline challenges.

District Partners

Contact people for each school district  

A diagram showing 4 on ramps to the funnel of development In this visual of a school’s educator workforce development pipeline, the GYO Center supports program development at four points of entry for learners. 1) Teaching as a Profession (TAP) programs for high school students, 2) Associates degree programs that are also pre-apprenticeships or paraprofessional apprenticeships, 3) Candidates completing bachelors degrees as registered teacher apprentices, and 4) Candidates who have bachelors degrees and do not have a teaching license.

Please see the Resources and Partnerships page for more LEA-specific resources.