For school district partners (LEAs), the TN GYO Center provides free technical assistance to launch or scale an educator workforce development strategy with each district. One key tool in that strategy is the Grow Your Own teacher apprenticeship program. Examples of free technical services include:

  • Develop GYO program documentation.
  • Perform data collection and needs assessments with LEAs.
  • Provide assistance when completing DOL and TDOE applications and forms
  • Facilitate partnerships with EPPs and Local Workforce Development Boards.
  • Gather and share insights into innovative ways to solve district level pipeline challenges.

District Partners

Contact people for each school district 

A diagram showing 4 on ramps to the funnel of development In this visual of a school’s educator workforce development pipeline, the GYO Center supports program development at four points of entry for learners. 1) Teaching as a Profession (TAP) programs for high school students, 2) Associates degree programs that are also pre-apprenticeships or paraprofessional apprenticeships, 3) Candidates completing bachelors degrees as registered teacher apprentices, and 4) Candidates who have bachelors degrees and do not have a teaching license.

Funding Models: Lunch & Learn Series

District and EPP leaders who are current partners were invited to join the TN GYO Center to better understand available funding strategies in preparation for the fall of 2024. The goals for this series were to expose LEA and EPP partners to newly available resources and to provide time and space for questions and discussion. Strong partners design solutions together, and this series is meant to orient us all toward designing solutions, overcoming challenges, and strengthening partnerships.

Session 1- Resources and Recording

Session 2- Resources and Recording 

Session 3- Resources and Recording