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TN Grow Your Own Regions

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Annual Report 2023- Tennessee Grow Your Own Center

In January 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor approved Tennessee’s teacher occupation registered apprenticeship program with the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) as the program’s sponsor. One year later, January 2023, the Tennessee Grow Your Own Center launched to scale a sustainable model. This report describes the center’s first 12 months of activity and impact.

Rural Community Impact

This brief report authored by the TN GYO Center describing the TN GYO Center’s impact on rural communities as of February 2023.

K-12 Teacher Apprentice Data

Tennessee’s registered teacher apprenticeship program enrollment and completion data (de-identified) are available via a suite of dashboards that are accessible here. Using an email address of your choice, create a free Airtable account to view enrollment by semester/year, school district, educator preparation provider, and learner demographics. These data are updated within 10 days of the GYO center receiving updates from school districts, EPPs, and state agencies.

A screenshot showing numbers for enrollment, completions, withdrawn students

Publications- External

A curated list of publications related to Grow Your Own or Registered Teacher Apprenticeship Programs. These publications are produced by entities outside of the TN Grow Your Own Center and are meant to inform and not prescribe.

Profiles of Educator Registered Apprenticeship Programs 

Published May, 2024, ERA profiles eight registered teacher apprenticeship programs from around the United States. Three Tennessee Grow Your Own Center employees are acknowledged by the authors. The report is authored by Nicole Reddig, Joyce Milling, Laura Rasmussen Foster, Elizabeth Standafer, Olivia Rice, and Jessie Stadd

Learning Policy Institute: Tennessee’s Teacher Apprenticeship Program

Published March 1st, 2024, LPI shares the governance, funding, and operations of Tennessee’s teacher apprenticeship GYO programs.

Melnick, H. (2024). How states can support teacher apprenticeship: The case of Tennessee. Learning Policy Institute & The Pathways Alliance. (Updated March 27, 2024)

Teacher Apprenticeship Spotlight on Tennessee

The Comprehensive Center Network, Region 5 interviewed the TNGYOC to produce a series of brief videos and a Spotlight overview of teacher apprenticeship as of December 2023.

Registered Teacher Apprenticeship Funding Guide
A guide produced by the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders at the American Institutes for Research with the support of the CEEDAR center.

Grow Your Own Annotated Bibliography
The Comprehensive Center Network from the Department of Education has collected an initial list of reports and research papers related to the impact of Grow Your Own programs.

State of the States 2023: Policies to Increase Teacher Diversity
This publication makes clear connections between Grow Your Own Teacher Apprenticeship programs and promising practices to increase teacher diversity.

Diversifying the Teaching Profession: How to Recruit and Retain Teachers of Color

This 54-page research brief assembles evidence on the many positive impacts of a racially diverse educator workforce. It also describes Grow Your Own and teacher apprenticeship programs as high-impact strategies to recruit and retain teachers of color. The report includes citations of from the Tennessee STAR study showing increased test scores and graduation rates for Black students taught by Black teachers.