Educator Preparation Provider Pathways

Each of the EPPs listed here has been allocated funding to offer Grow Your Own Scholarships to successfully accepted applicants. Aspiring teacher apprentices should choose appropriate EPP pathways in collaboration with their district Grow Your Own program leader. Please use the GYO Website, Aspiring Apprentice Checklist, and Profile form to guide the application process. Aspiring apprentices should not apply with an EPP without first completing Step One (AA Checklist) with their school district’s GYO program leader.

Pathways to initial teacher licensure are provided at three levels:

  • Bachelor’s pathways can be started either after an Associate’s degree or 60+ credit hours.
  • Post-baccalaureate pathways are intended for learners who have a Bachelor’s degree and who would like to earn graduate credit.
  • Licensure-only pathways are intended for learners who have a Bachelor’s degree and who are not interested in a Master’s degree.

TNGYO Pathways- All Colleges/Universities for 2024-25 This document provides all pathways in one PDF along with guidance around what to do for aspiring apprentices who do not yet have 60 credit hours.

Austin Peay State University Pathways 2024-25

Arete Memphis Public Montessori Residency 2024-25 

Middle Tennessee State University 2024-25

King University 2024-25

University of Memphis Pathways 2024-25

University of Tennessee Chattanooga 2024-25

University of Tennessee Knoxville 2024-25

University of Tennessee at Martin 2024-25

University of Tennessee Southern 2024-25 

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A map of TN showing counties and programs available.