Webinar Series: 7 Strategies for EPPs

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Join the TN Grow Your Own Center to learn about 7 strategies for strong teacher apprenticeships and Grow Your Own programs. This 4 part series will feature school district leaders and invited guest experts.

In each webinar, invited guests and practitioners will illustrate the connections between a pedagogical model (competency-based education) and an operational model (Grow Your Own teacher apprenticeship programs).  This series is intended for providers of related instruction that want to learn more about expanding delivery to non-traditional audiences and reducing common barriers experienced by working learners. This series could be an entry point for EPPs who are brand new to the idea of competency-based education, current providers of teacher apprenticeship or residency programs, and also for leaders who have launched teacher preparation pathways for working learners.

Webinar One: Overcoming Barriers to Entry

April 16th, 12:30- 1:15 Eastern Time

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  • Topics: GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and Transcript analysis
    • Should entrance requirements for aspiring apprentices be the same as traditional learners?
    • How are EPPs addressing barriers to entry? What have they learned?  
    • What are common pain points for working learners who are navigating enrollment processes into non-traditional programs?
    • Describe an ideal enrollment process for a working learner. What currently prevents us from achieving the ideal? 
    • What technologies or partnerships are accelerating our ability to achieve the ideal? 

Webinar Two: Awarding Credit for Experience and Learning

May 21st, 12:30- 1:15 Eastern

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  • Topic: Teacher Education course credit via Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for paraprofessionals and experienced aspiring apprentices
    • How do teacher apprentices with teaching experience become aware of PLA options? 
    • What needs to be done to improve access to PLA while maintaining rigorous standards?
    • How can we prevent the assessment process from becoming more laborious than the course?
    • What does faculty involvement in PLA look like? How do you create a win win?

Webinar Three: Hands-on Learning For Teachers

June 18th, 12:30- 1:15 Eastern

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  • Topic: The ideal learning experience for teacher apprentices (theory to practice)
    • What has to happen for teacher apprentices to be able to practice concepts from coursework in their workplace settings in meaningful ways? 
    • How are mentor teachers an integral part of a high quality apprenticeships?
    • How could a strong mentor program improve retention for mentors and apprentices?

Webinar Four: Who is Missing? Program Design

July 23rd, 12:30- 1:15 Eastern

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  • Topic: Every educator preparation program works for someone and doesn’t work for others. Who is missing from your existing pathways?
    • What do we know about finding the right fit for each aspiring educator? 
    • What are the variables most likely to impact retention, satisfaction, and effective learning?
    • What program structures are working for teacher apprenticeship? (i.e. modality, location, timing, course workload, sequence, mentor role)
    • If an EPP is building new programs, which learner characteristics should impact program design?