Strategic Planning

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Map of TN with active counties shown in color.Leaders at the Grow Your Own Center are currently engaged in a strategic planning process with leaders from around the state. This map is a little bit outdated, but it tells a story nonetheless. This is our “why.” We want to hear from our stakeholders- district leaders, educator preparation providers, and governing officials.

If the TN GYO Center provided excellent support and resourcing that contributed to the elimination of teacher shortages in the state of Tennessee, what would that look like? Funding is not the full answer to that question. Funding is a crucial component, and it is not the only component for success.

For example, many aspiring educators who live in the blank counties pictured above only have access to a career in education through a large, national online program delivered through a 100% online, asynchronous model. For some people, this model works. For others, something else is needed.

Through the GYO Center’s strategic planning process, we want to hear from stakeholders in every county. We believe that residential, on-campus teacher education programs across the state are excellent. We also believe that the number of people served through these programs is not enough to meet the demand. By designing additional, equally high-quality pathways into the profession, in partnership with Tennessee’s educator preparation providers, we can ensure that every Tennessee student is taught by a highly qualified educator.

Do you want to make your voice heard during our strategic planning process? Email us at, and we will follow-up with a survey link and additional information about the planning process.


Erin Crisp
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